Monday, June 15, 2015

Neurological Research

Our company is dedicated to helping researchers find answers to many difficult to understand neurological disorders.  In order to advance our understanding, we have to have access to actual human neurological tissue.  Families who are gracious enough to fulfill a family members request of donating their brain, spinal cord, and other neurological tissue for research is the ultimate gift.

Once this occurs, these families are directed to brain banks throughout the country and in turn, we are contacted to streamline this process by responding to the decadents location within a 24 hour period to do the tissue recovery.  We are against the clock, as once death occurs, the biochemistry that is so delicate can often times be lost quickly if these tissues are not removed within 24 hours.  It is within the neuro-biochemistry that many researchers find their answers and it is these answers that can not only help us understand these disease processes more then we do now....but it is from these answers that new treatments are developed to help fight these neurological diseases and perhaps, find a cure.

Discuss with your family donating your brain, spinal cord, and other neurological tissue upon your death.  It could be the way we find out how to treat and cure a neurological disease.

*You do not have to be diagnosed with a neurological disease in order to donate.  We also need tissue from decedents who have not neurological disease and their tissue is considered "non-diseased or normal" tissue.  Contact us today to learn more.

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